Hours and Policies

• Hours of Operation: Monday to Saturday, 9am to 5pm

• Labor Cost: Shop - $75 per hour. Tractor - $85 per hour. Husqvarna - $65 per hour.

• Propane Cost per Gallon: $2.75 (cash) and $2.85 (credit or debit card)

• Delivery: This occurs when item is paid in full, loan funded and/or the check (if written) has cleared the bank.

• Returns: 30 days from purchase date – Item must be in original (new) condition.

• Refunds: Refunds will be provided on deposits BUT a credit charge will apply ($500 or less, $10 charge; over $500, $25 charge.

• Product Price: Prices on items may change based on unforeseen conditions. Hitchin' Post can NOT guarantee original quoted prices.

• Warranty for trailers and tractors: Detailed and provided by the manufacturer. Hitchin' Post works with the manufacturer to assist customer and provide coverage per their warranty.

• No Warranty for used trailers and tractors provided by Hitchin’ Post TTS.

• Shop warranty on labor and work is 60 days. Customer must bring the item repaired back to the shop to repair.

• Tire mounting will only be done on tires purchased by Hitchin’ Post.

• Trailers and equipment not paid for and not picked up after 30 days will be sold to Hitchin’ Post TTS to recover the cost of repair and storage.

• Storage Fee for repair trailers, tractors and equipment left after 30 days is $50 per month.


Please contact us via email (hitchin.posttts@gmail.com) with any questions.




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